blue mousepad chessboard

PhillipTheTank wrote:

I wasn't sure if the one I linked to was a standard mousepad or one of the new style.  There isn't an indication on the page that it is any different than a standard mousepad.  That's why I gave the recommendation for the other one.  Also that it is a little cheaper.

The mousepad board you linked to is one of the "new-improved" generation of thinner mousepads.  These are about 1/16 inch thick.  The earlier, original mousepad boards (those produced > 1 year ago) were approximately 1/8 in. thick.  So most all mousepad boards being sold today should be the thinner version; if it is advertised as being able to be folded, it will be the newer, thinner board.  The older mousepad boards, being thicker, while they could be rolled up, were not really amenable to folding.