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Board choice

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    I want this set what kind of vinal roll up board should I get? 

  • #2

    If you want a roll-up board, then you really can't go past this one, also from HOS.

  • #3

    Vinyl if you like to slide your pieces. Mouse pad if you lift your pieces. I know it sounds weird but some people have their preferences

  • #4

    I like both so it doesn't matter but the mousepad sounds more my style with that plastic set

  • #5

    The mouspad-style ones are also far more durable and easier to clean. Probably the on.ly benefit to the vinyl ones is that they are thinner, which makes them slightly easier to store in a club setting. Other than that, mousepad all the way.

  • #6

    I'm gunna buy one of those from wholesale chess I think

  • #7

    Why, when you just put it in with your other order from HOS? It'd probably work out cheaper that way, because you'd have to pay less for shipping.

  • #8

    Thats true! I just checked and that is a better option! Thank you!


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