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    This is a list of my Chess books and I tried to put them in the proper category.

    Example:Art of attack in chess: Vukovic, Vladimir is it a middlegame or games collection book? If someone could put these in the right category/order  I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.


    My chess books

    1.Engame Course: Pandolfini, Bruce

    Middlegame / Strategy :
    2.Think like a grandmaster: Kotov, Alexander
    3.Weapons of chess: Pandolfini, Bruce
    4.How to reassess your chess: Silman, Jeremy
    5.Reassess your chess workbook: Silman, Jeremy
    6.How to choose a chess move: Soltis, Andrew
    7.Bobby Fischer teaches chess: Fischer, Bobby
    8.Chess fundmentals: Capablanca, Jose
    9.Test your positional play: Bellin, Ponzetto
    10.Chess tactics and strategy: Burgess, and Graham
    11.Winning chess strategies: Seirawan, Yasser

    Games Collections:
    12.Understanding Chess, Move by Move: Nunn, John
    13.My 60 memorable games: Fischer, Bobby
    14.Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking, From the First Move to the Last: McDonald, Neil
    15.The Art of  planning in Chess: Move by move: McDonald, Neil
    16.Learn chess from the masters: Reinfeld, Fred
    17.World's greatest chess games: Burgess, Nunn and Emms
    18.Logical chess, move by move: Chernev, Irving
    19.The most instructive games of chess ever played: Chernev, Irving
    20.My best games of chess, 1908-1937: Alekhine, Alexander
    21.Fine art of chess annotation and other thoughts volume 1: Purdy, C.J.S
    22.Chess master vs. chess amateur: Euwe, and Meiden
    23.Russian chess: Pandolfini, Bruce
    24.Planning: McDonald, Neil
    25.Modern chess miniatures: McDonald, Neil                                                                                                                  
    26.Chess for dummies: Eade, James
    27.How to become a candidate master: Dunne, Alex
    28.Art of attack in chess: Vukovic, Vladimir
    29.John Nunn's chess puzzle book: Nunn, John
    30.Zurich International chess tournament, 1953: Bronstein, David

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    Chess for dummies is definitely not a game collection. 


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