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Books on failed combinations and defense tactics?

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    Most tactics books offer winning sacrifices, mates in 2 etc. I am looking to sharpen my defending skills and I am looking for a book that offers only (or mostly) failed combinations. Those that are unsound or can be refuted by correct defensive play. A nice one too would be a book about defense tactics. I am interested in books that offer puzzles only and not something like Soltis Art of defense.

    Anyone has come across such books?

    Thank you.

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    An intriguing idea...I've never seen such a thing though.

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    The idea is not new. Ray Cheng has a number of those in his excellent book Practical Chess Excercises and I thought Dan Heisman had something similar but I could be wrong. I'm looking for a book dedicated to those problems though.

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    I am currently going through Cheng's book and it is excellent. I'm going to watch this thread in hopes someone has come across anything similar.

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    Well, if they don't have an entire book on it...then I guess the idea isn't exactly old-hat. Smile

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    Does Ray cheng writes kung fu books?

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    Check out Blunders and Brilliancies by Ian Mullen and Moe Moss.

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    Thanks Crazychessplaya. Sounds like the closest book to what I had in mind. I also read that Nunn's puzzle book has some of those too.

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    Yes. There is a section on defensive play and refuting combinations in The Middle Game in Chess by Keres and Kotov.  The main english edition of this is the 1989 Dover edition.

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    I'm also looking for a book similar to this, mainy a tactics book/site to help look for opponents threats. For example 'white to play' - answer = quiet pawn move that stops an opponents Knight fork. I'm convinced this in an underdeveloped area in many people's play, certainly mine. The annoying this is I came across such a book a while ago and thought I had bookmarked it.

    Edit: Oh I think the book I was thinking about is Looking for Trouble by Heisman.


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