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Chess art

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    Local Denver Chess club player JC MacNeil welds beautiful chess art. One of a kind, hand sculpted original steel chess pieces. Many chess players collect chess art, and chess sets not to play on, but to display in their living rooms. I knew one chess player who collected chess sets and had a whole room in her house dedicated to her collection of chess sets. Chess is seen by many as an art form, not only the game but the chess sets themselves. Often in movies you will see chess in the back ground, or on the table between two people talking about some serious subject. As a chess player I always notice the chess set, but I'm sure most people don't, they just have an unconscious feeling about the scene. This guy JC MacNeil is a real local character, who plays crazy reckless gambits and welds these steel chess sets, that he sells, but he only made one set of pieces, and won't make another one.

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    Indestructible chess, like it - little pricey tho

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    Did he make a steel clock?

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    He didnt have time


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