Chess book suggestions ,which first silman or nunn

I have done My System by Aron nimzovich and Find books of john nunn and silman both interesting. But i don't know which to choose . Kindly list generalized books for 1300 rated players like me. I welcome all suggestions which can get me to 1800 by this year end . I can complete 2+3 books in this year easy .

Silman's Complete Endgame Course
Amateur's Mind by Jeremy Silman
"How to Reassess Your Chess, 4th Edition was designed for players in the 1400 to 2100 range." - IM Jeremy Silman (2010)
Understanding Chess Move by Move by Nunn
Understanding Chess Middlegames by Nunn
"... For players rates from 1700 to 2400, this book will provide ample study material to help make you a better and more knowledgeable player with sharper skills in all aspects of the game. ..." - FM Carsten Hansen
"... Just because a book contains lots of information that you don’t know, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be extremely helpful in making you better at this point in your chess development. ..." - Dan Heisman (2001)
"... The books that are most highly thought of are not necessarily the most useful. Go with those that you find to be readable. ..." - GM Nigel Davies (2010)
"... If it’s instruction, you look for an author that addresses players at your level (buying something that’s too advanced won’t help you at all). This means that a classic book that is revered by many people might not be useful for you. ..." - IM Jeremy Silman (2015)


After posting myself questions on books and searching in the forum I'd say Silman. Especially the complete endgame course :) don't try reassess your chess yet but start with amateurs mind (not the best first strategy book, still a little advanced) but you did read (I grasp?) my system so why not.


Agree on Silman and starting with The Amateur's Mind. I'd tried Nunn's Mastering Chess Move by Move but switched to Chernov's Logical Chess Move by Move which is more my level and I'd recommend it.


 John Nunn's books tend to be written for the advanced player (>1600 ELO); the same is true for Jeremy Silman's "How to Reassess Your Chess".  At OP's current level, Silman's  "The Amateur's Mind" and "Silman's Complete Endgame Course" would be more appropriate choices.

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Silman's book are trash overrated product to make the customer happy.I suggest you to look for Yusupov's award-winning book series.


I like silman... for easy explanation happy.pnghappy.png


"... [Silman's Complete Endgame Course] has already caught on with the average player in a big way, confirming Silman's status as the king of instructional writers. He writes in a clear and casual style, and time and again has shown the ability to reach those who feel intimidated by the lofty approach that a grandmaster will often take. ..." - IM John Watson (2007)





I would recommend any silman book.  But I think any gains under 2000 should have tactics as the priority.  If you do 30+ puzzles a day, spending time on the ones you get wrong (figuring out what was wrong with your line, and adding the winning pattern to your brain) you could reach your goal.  

graeme3816 wrote:

... switched to Chernov's Logical Chess Move by Move which is more my level and I'd recommend it.




Between those two, and at your rating level, I'd go with Silman.