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Chess books

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    Whats a good chess book? I really need to get a few...

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    There are plenty, but it really depends on what category you're looking for. Many of Silman's books are top notch, namely How to Reasses your Chess and The Amateur's Mind. If you're looking for openings, there are plenty of strong players out there who have written extensively on openings - if you want the hard variations, then there's always Modern Chess Openings.

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    Try Capablanca's books "Chess Fundamentals" , "Last Lectures"

    and endgame book of "Karpov: endgame virtuoso"

    a Fischer's 60 Memorable games

    CJS Purdys "Guide to good chess".

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    My system - Nimzowitch

    Questions on modern chess theory- Lipnitzky

    many read Silman- how to reasses your chess

    Winning chess in six easy steps- Krankowski

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    you may use the search engine google and find out what top GM's read when they were starter's.Fischer used to read purdy's books tal's favourite was 'MY System' (by nimzovisch).pachman and euwe's book have many ardent fans.

    here is visy anand's book order


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    Based on your rating I would suggest getting some books on basic tactics, endgames, and the games collection Logical Chess Move by Move. Workk on all three and you should notice an improvement in your play. I don't understand why some would recommend My System because that is an advanced work

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    simple chess by michael stean and practical chess endings by paul keres. if you learn what is in just these two books well, you will definitely notice a leap in your playing strength. i'm currently making my way through the keres book and i'm finding it to be the first endgame book that makes sense to me, from the material chosen to the way he explains things and also the general progression through the book.

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    I have the Keres book but have not studied it yet. I have heard great things about Simple Chess but again I have been told that it was best suited for advanced level club players.

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    simple chess is definitely not an advanced book. the explainations are so clear. i read it when i was rated around 1150~ on here and it made a big impact on my game.

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    GM Seirawan's Winning Series books are also excellent.


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