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Chess King Help

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    I recently bought Chess King and while trying to copy the twic download updates to the GigaKing database I accidently deleted all the games in the GigaKing database(I went into the database of twic downloads(In PGN format) and clicked export and then selected the GigaKing database), however when I click new game in analysis mode it still has all the games from the GigaKing databse as the opening tree so the games must be on there somewhere. I now know how to copy games to other databses and I'm just wondering how can I restore all the original games to the GigaKing database.


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    Actually I'm not sure how to copy games to the GigaKing*I managed to get it back by uninstalling Chess King and then reinstalling it) database, I seem to be able to copy them into other databases simply by dragging them but it won't work with the GigaKing one. Help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Anyone? I still haven't figured it out

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    Did you get the problem sorted?  Is ChessKing any good.  Would you recommend it ?

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    Contact Steve Lopez . He will be able to help you.


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    You could export all the games, then import them elsewhere.

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    Yeah I would recommend chess king, not as a database program as already mentioned, but it's great for analysis and training


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