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    I don't use CB often. So I don't have any games after 2009. Can anyone help me on how to update the database to include recent games? I searched their site but it didn't help me. Thanks. 

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    Sure, you just have to buy the updated version of the database :

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    hicetnunc wrote:

    Sure, you just have to buy the updated version of the database :


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    You could download past issues of TWIC but unfortunately I don't see anyway to get the issues from 780-919, although I didn't spend a lot of time looking for them.

    TWIC is set up to be added to existing CB DBs.

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    You can get all TWIC PGNs from 1-926 in one jumbo file from here:


    (Right side, down a bit)

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    That looks like a useful chess site, thanks for posting it

    BUT I don't think it will help Balachandar if he just dumped the TWIC DB into his CB DB it would result in several hundred thousand duplicate games which would make many "Opening Reports" and other CB Data inaccurate.I suppose he could use it as a ref DB for analyzing games with the most modern praxis however.

    There's a way to weed out duplicate games in CB DBs but it either don't work at all or maybe it only works with PCs much faster and newer than my hunk o'junk. BTW I'm using CB 9.

    Howsomeever, if there's a way of separating the individual TWIC entries Bala could just add the ones he needs to his ref DB.

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