Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition


I currently own ChessMaster 10th Edition for the PC and have had it for quite a while now.  The main reason I have enjoyed it so much is because of the tutorials from Josh Waitzkin and Larry Christianson.  I was wondering if the newer edition, ChessMaster Grandmaster Edition, had new tutorials, or if they just reused their older ones.  This would really help for deciding whether or not to buy it.


I have CM 12 or the gold edition i think it was called.  I had it running on my windows laptop that died last month.  I loved it.

From memory, there were two kinds of tutorials in CM12 (maybe as you say, Waitzkin and Christianson).  I dont know if they were the same as in CM10. I upgraded from CM4 to CM12.

CM12 is available for less than $20 now i think.  I found it allot more stable and better in almost every way to CM4.  Maybe the leap from CM10 to CM12 isnt so obvious though, I couldnt say what any benefits would be.


Why not upgrade your membership and follow the video lessons? In my opinion they are simply THE best.


The tutorials are the same except for a new one by Josh on "The Art of Learning".  My version died a few years ago (I ran afoul of the 2 installation only rule-thanks Ubisoft) and I honestly don't remember whether it was worth watching or not.  I believe it's also a little faster and less of a resource hog due to multiprocessor support.  And I'll second Bronsteinitz's suggestion; if you enjoyed the Chessmaster tutorials, you'll love the resources available with a diamond membership.  Danny Rensch's Live Session videos alone are worth the price of admission.


If anyone knows where to buy the GM edition, please do tell. As far as I know, it's been sold out for a while now. 


You can probably still buy it on Amazon, but why bother about a discontinued and unsupported product?


yes you can buy from amerson. or any good chess shop on line. it is well worth the money and for beginners to masters. the teaching is the best.



Chessmaster is an awesome tool for learning. I have Chessmaster 9000 and wish to upgrade to the Grandmaster Edition so it will be compatible with windows 7.


If you can find CM GE at a reasonable price, that might be the way to go, except I'm not sure I'd be able to live with the 2-installs limitation.

@NimzoRoy, is Ship Disc a legit outfit? I've never heard of them. Do you get an original CD/DVD, or is it only a download?

@j2009m, I was able to get CM9000 to install on my Win7 PC. If you stick with the official Ubisoft patches, you'll still have to be constantly inserting the CD. (I was able to get around the CD-install problem, but I had to get really creative.)

The official patches for CM 10th Edition fix the CD-install problem without difficulties.

Imho, CM9000 is best for playing/analyzing, but it doesn't have as many tutorials, and the GUI has an older look to it. CM 10th Ed has a better looking GUI, but some of the mentor lines are broken. (I'm assuming this is also a problem in CM GE?) Of course, the newer editions are better if the tutorials are important to you.