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Chetak Chess Pieces at The Chess Piece

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    FrankHelwig wrote:
    Somebodysson wrote:

    its so interesting how they changed from year to year; they were obviously not a mass production outfit. 

    First few years you can see a lot of variation in the knight carvings even w/in the same set. The pic of those knights kind of suggests they had firm design templates that changed from year to year. In general that sort of is true, but w/ the knights in particular you kind of see various fluctuations based on the individual carver. Certain design ideas carry through (eg Dropjaw on Anderssen knights, elongated head on Steinitz "megamouth" knights, etc) but within those design ideas you see wild fluctuations, unlike firm design standards common on later sets.

    And yes, I meant that the 1849 knights looked really skinny from up front and then started acquiring a more pronounced chest over time... 

    ahhh, yes, I now see what you mean. Thanks for the interesting pics and information. 

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