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Chronos clock battery life

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    Does anyone know if Chronos Clocks (GX and FX models) have a feature that will determine remaining battery life?  If not, does anyone know how many hours of use a clock typically has before batteries need to be replaced?

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    usualy 600 hours of battery life

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    The ZMF clocks claim in their manual that the batteries in their clocks can last for 1600 hours. I don't know if that's true though.
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    For the GX, reset the current time. Then hold the Red middle button,and tap the left button two times.It will tell you if the batter is high or low.  Tap left or right button to test. Press the middle button to exit. Also the display will start to dim when the battery is low. You can use this in a casual setting as an indicator as well.  If the batteries are low you have about 50 hours of power left.


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