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Chronos repair

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    I sent a clock for warranty repair to DCI in Mountain View, CA in November. I insured it but the post office checked and it was delivered. I have heard nothing from them and though I found a phone number for them, calls are never answered. I wrote to them but have had no reply. I think my clock is probably lost forever.

    Has anybody had any success with Chronos warranty repair?


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    I got it back still broken. I sent it back once more in February and it's still not back. I guess this is the best chess clock in the world until it breaks and then it's the worst.

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    Out of curiosity, what part of it broke?

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    I don't know what's wrong with it. It just won't turn on. I replaced the batteries to no effect. When I sent it back the first time, they replaced the battery case and it came back, worked for a day, then once again would not turn on. Their repair service takes forever. It was gone 3 months the first time, and it's been gone 3 months again.

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    Any update?  Thanks for your time!

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    Nothing new. I've reconciled myself to never seeing the clock again. I think if I ever get a Chronos clock again and it breaks, I'll just throw it out. It's already cost me postage and insurance twice. I bought a DGT North American and it works fine.

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    I sent mine in February and am still waiting.

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    Matzo, what was wrong with your clock? Isn't this ridiculous? I sent mine in in February as well, and no sign of it. I've given up ever seeing it again.

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    I have been trying to find a Chronos and there is none anywhere to be bought.  I did some messaging and the retailers say they hope to have some  by the fall.  I went to the Chronos website and the web says "ooops" when i try to contact someone.

    I wonder if they are still in business and now that I read all of the above I am wondering if I really want one.  

  • #10

    Most people have had very good luck with their Chronos clocks. On the other hand, my Excalibur and DGT NA have all the settings I need and keep working.

  • #11

    My friend is a chess retailer (http://www.atkmchesssets.com/chessclub.html) and has never been able to get in touch with Chronos even though he has tried multiple times.

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    Yes, I'm wondering what is happening with DCI.  The Chronos II seems out of stock or in very short supply everywhere.  Is DCI out of business?  Or do they only operate seasonally?  I live in Northern California, so I'm going to place a few phone calls to people I know and see if I can find anything out.


  • #13

    Quick update: although I had to wait roughly 16 weeks, DCI sent me a new clock since they were unable to repair my old one. So all things considered, I went from somewhat unhappy to extremely satisfied (especially since I got the clock just in time for the US Open).

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    House of staunton had some chrnos clocks last time I checked which was last week.

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    I just got word that my clock is "fixed" and is being sent back to me. I would much prefer to have been sent a new clock. The last time they said it was fixed, it wasn't.

  • #16

    My clock came back today. Cool It actually turns on and works. Well, we'll give it a while before we declare victory, but I had really never expected to see it again. I had sent it in in February.


  • #17

    Well this is encouraging, maybe I'll try sending my old chrnos in & forgot about it & hopefully be pleasantly suprised.

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    Narz, what do you have to lose?  If your Chronos no longer operates well you have to send it to them for repair or you have a no good clock.  They have us "over a barrel".  No one else knows how to fix it.

  • #19

    Well, I sent it off today with a note to please repair or replace.  When/if I see it again I will let you guys know!

  • #20

    Good luck. It may take many months.

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