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    DejaVux wrote:

    I sent my two chronos chess clock in January 2014 to DCI in Mountain View, still in warranty of 1 year. But until now, nothing. According the postal service, they received. I think after more than 5 months, they dont will send back to me. =\

    September 2015 and still waiting... =/

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    Dam 40 bucks for a maybe i can fix this clock.. is a terrible deal might as well buy a new clock

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    Wow, it looks like nothing has changed Cry

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    There are so many decent cheaper clocks available now, I wouldn't be surprised if Chronos goes out of business within 10 years.

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    Narz wrote:

    There are so many decent cheaper clocks available now, I wouldn't be surprised if Chronos goes out of business within 10 years.


    What are the names of those many, decent, cheaper clocks available?

    The ZMF Pro, DGT 3000 and new V-Tek 300 are all either the same price or more expensive than a Chronos.  While these models are indeed decent, they are not cheaper.

    The cheaper clocks, ZMF-II, Omcor, DGT North American and DGT 2010, are not necessarily as decent as the Chronos.  And it could be argued that they are not decent for the money spent on them.

    Of course "decent" like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The ZMF-II only comes with touch sensors and LED displays that some do not like.  The Omcor and 2 DGT models listed have smaller displays and their bodies are plastic and not necessarily as nice as the metal of the Chronos.

    The more expensive clocks are decent.  The ZMF Pro has a metal body like the Chronos and the display is large.  Once again though it only comes with touch sensors.  And sales statistics I just heard from a retailer is that this clock is not selling as well as the others in this category.

    The DGT 3000 has a big enough display but it also always shows a lot of information on that display.  And the body is plastic and not as decent as the metal bodies of the other clocks in this upper price range.

    The new V-Tek 300 should be coming out for standard retail sometime in the next few weeks, from what I have heard.  It is definitely as decent as the Chronos with a metal body and large displays.  Of course it is not only not cheaper but more expensive than the Chronos, something like $30- $40 more.

    I have owned all the above mentioned clocks except the Omcor and ZMF Pro.  I still own and use Chronos, both II and GX models and a V-Tek 300.

    I sold the DGT 2010, DGT 3000, DGT North American and ZMF-II clocks as they did not compare to the Chronos clocks that I now own and use.  Of course the V-Tek 300 is very much like the Chronos in design and build with different programming being the main difference.

    I currently use a Chronos II that is over 13 years old for my blitz and skittle set up.  I have a Chronos II with buttons and one with touch sensors for slower, tournament games.  I have a Chronos GX for use when I need a clock with a smaller footprint.  And I use the V-Tek for slow tournament games in rotation with the Chronos clocks.

    If Chronos goes out of business within 10 years it is not because of the competition.  The current competition really does not offer more bang for the buck than the Chronos clocks.

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    When u wait for a sale from those online store u can buy the chronos gx for 84 bucks like i did... when its 84 bucks.. no other clock comes close.... in comparision.. i own the zmf.. and chronos gx.. i like the gx because its lighter.. im a lazy guy i hate heavy object if its not gym related

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    Yeah, I got my Chronos GX at the same time as guardianx9 and paid $84.  I sold my DGT 3000, DGT 2010 and DGT NA having some extra money after buying the GX.

    I know some guys, like guardianx9 that only own and use the Chronos GX. 

    The guy that is Chronos also only has a limited number of clocks made per year or at a time.  He's definitely a small business.  Sure, he wholesales all his clocks and doesn't sell any direct to consumers.  He also is a full time engineer so I don't see him folding up the company due to the competition outselling him or anything like that.

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