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Collection of Chess books for sale!! (Australia)

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    Hi, im selling my chess books, in EXCELLENT condition.

    check it out on ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Chess-Books-Collection-/330738984664?pt=AU_Non_Fiction_Books_2&hash=item4d019466d8

    If you're in melbourne, you can pick up for cheaper.

    offers considered.

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    3 cents?

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    Hi are you able to sell your books individually as many of the opening books not interested in

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    Yeah, sure i can sell the books individually. which ones would you like?

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    Thanks for replying. Here is a list of the books I am interested in:


    Comprehensive chess endings volume 5 rook endings 

    Winning with the kan, mortazavi

    secrets of pawn endings 

    The survival guide to rook endings 1st ed, emms 

    Winning with the najdorf, King 

    Play the Queens gambit, Ward 

    If you can give me a price for the books and the postage ( I am in Perth) that would be great. 

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    Too bad no one had a book sale in the states like that. I would just buy the lot and split it with a chess club.

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    What is the shipping cost to Miami, Florida, United States?  Please respond, this is no joke.  I'm beefing up my library here at home and would bid on this but I have to take into account the shipping costs.

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    Sent you a message denatured.

    Shipping Cost to Miami Florida is $120 sea mail. (cheapest i could find) blame australia post, theyve got the market cornered.

    Im assuming courier companies like Fedex and DHL would charge more.

    if you do decide you want, I will charge you only $195, plus the shipping cost. (and thats minus the few books that denatured has wanted if he indeed buys)

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    Thank you for your prompt reply.  I would also like to know why you are selling these books, if you dont mind.  Thanks in advance.

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    I hardly play chess anymore and have no use for these books.

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    Ok I've sold the rest of the books. thx everyone.


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