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Moundchargers wrote:

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A problem that I had not calculated is the battery, as I would also like to use it outside.

The Saitek Cougar that I would be about to take, works with 1.5 torches: very expensive if rechargeable. I would therefore be forced to buy a powerbank with a 9V output which costs about € 30/40 and in total I would reach € 140.

At this point, however, perhaps I should take a new one, the "Mephisto explorer Pro which costs € 150 new and which works with simple AA bbattery (and I hope also with rechargeable ones, although according to some the rechargeable ones have less power and do not lend to computerized chessboards).

What do you tou think?


I vote for the new one visualdrome. You will want to be portable with your board using it inside your house, patio, deck,  outside, etc.. so go with the more economical power source. 

sound67 wrote:

 If you don't want to spend much, you'd be better off with an older Saitek Centurion, Mephisto Explorer, or a Mephisto Chess Academy...

I hadn't thought about the problem of using it away from home: I would like a chessboard that I can use while traveling: rechargeable (like a mobile device), or to be used with rechargeable batteries (if they have sufficient power) or with a power bank (risking, however, spend a lot)


In conclusion, I am looking for a chessboard that:

1) has a level of at least 2000 Elo (i think 1800 is too low, but I'm not sure: thanks if you confirm me )

2) allows me to play even outside the home (built-in batteries like in mobile devices, rechargeable batteries,)

3) it allows me to learn (I have been playing for many years, even with experienced players, but I have never read a book or followed a course)


I bought a Mephisto Explorer Pro a couple of months ago, and it's nice: good engine, very sensitive board, and you can store the pieces in the frame. Be aware though that the magnetism is very weak. You can use it when travelling as long as there are no shocks to the board. The LED display is great btw. € 150 strike me a s bit too much though. It only cost €99 when new. Where can you buy one new? It's been discontinued years ago. I bought mine (used but complete, no wear and tear) for €35 incl. shipping and original Mephisto mains adapter. There are currently two machines avvailable on German eBay classifieds:

Like all later Morsch engines it suffers from the "Fun level bug", i.e. if you select a fun level once it will make nonsensical moves on all the other levels thereafter. It's nothing serious, you can get it to work normally again by inserting a paper-clip or SIM needle into the Reset button ("ACL") on the bottom for a few seconds. wink.png

sound67 wrote:

I bought a Mephisto Explorer Pro a couple of months ago, and it's nice: good engine, very sensitive board, and you can store the pieces in the frame.

Thanks for the explanation and for the eBay link.

How it works without power? Can i use it with rechargeable batteries? 


Yes, I believe you can run it with rechargable batteries, too (4x NimH AA).