Dedicated Chess Computers Of the 1980's

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    Wow! Are you going to sell it?

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    I have a Fidelity Voice Sensory Chess Challenger that I bought new in 1982. It cost me about $200 as i recall. It still works perfectly. I like playing the "Greatest Games" where you guess the GM's move and it scores you.It has a large repertoire of openings and defenses and plays at eight levels. In the higher levels it moves very slowly but a game at level 3 or 4 will take 1 to 2 minutes to reply and it makes for a great companion on days where the weather is nasty.

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    Knightly wrote:

    Wow! Are you going to sell it?

    I was, as I said I didn't think it was worth much, I was even thinking of just giving it away, but now I'm going to keep it.

    There's a large subculture of people on the net that collect these things and play games against different models, etc and post the results. Kind of like an old car club I guess.

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    Wow the person who took high bid on this paid way too much I think. I'd have sold him mine for half as much:

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    hi all  i had that exact machine for years and sold it on kijiji im thinking to sell an other great chess computer the Leonardo  kasparov chess computer  which is big sensory wooden table top nice machine with human like play..although its not strong but not weak either about 1600 Elo if someone is interested let me know...

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    Thanks for the tip.  I think I'm going to try to sell my 1980s Novag Constellation.  It still works perfectly but I just don't use it any more.

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    i have a kasparov conquistader i got it 1984 it cost me £59.99 its just as good if not better then todays computers. it used to play master game from the past but that dont work no more i dont no weather or not its worth any money but i could not sell its to good.

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    I had a Novag Primo in 1987. I played a chess computer called Boris in 1988. It talked - yes I am not joking - and said things in a male robot voice like:

    "I am in trouble now"

    "I've got you"

    "Oh dear"

    Anyone got a Boris? It was at a chess club that owned it. I bet that there was an easter egg somewhere that made it say foul language, insults and salty-tongued mother-in-law jokes..hmm....Sealed

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    So because you found out it's valuable you're not going to sell it?  You should sell it now BECAUSE it's valuable, that value isn't going to last forever. 

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    hi all! anyone selling dedicated chess computers? i would be interested to buy karpov 2294 or mephisto berlin pro...thx:Peter

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    or emerald classic pluss from novag...

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    if anyone wants my mephisto milano pro let me know if the offer is right i sell it ...maybe...

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    anyone know whay an old Parexcelence would be worth

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    no idea never heard of it   although when i checked it out on the net it seems to be a decent machine

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    check out phoenix chess systems...revelation 2 board...going into production this will cost 2800 euro=3400 cdn dollar lol  and if u look at the picture the prototype board has the black and white squares mixed up hahaha   mr phoenix systems lets get real...ill get the fixed chess computer for 1800 cdn...any price above that is unrealistic and is for Mr Warren Buffet

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    The stronger Fidelity and Mephisto computers (the German manufactured ones) are pretty valuable these days. I would have loved to have owned an Elite but couldn't afford one!

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    i had kasparov risc 2500 and a friend had fidelity elite and we played classical time control 40 moves 2 hours..and it was a very close game but at the end kasparov 2500 won,...second game was a draw...the difference was that kasparov risc 2500 is a small bad looking machine...elite fidelity is a big wooden chess board auto does not necessarily look that too nice though, but its large...and was easy to sell it....

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    actually the mephisto milano pro i still have has way more enjoyable style and beats some stronger machines with tactics...i can beat it with 20 min /game  but 25 min / game so far i lost 2....ill keep trying

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