Dedicated Chess Computers Of the 1980's

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    i came to the conclusion about dedicated chess computers that they should make a tournament size or just a bigger size computer than the citrine and the ELO playing strength should be 2250 not less not much more....why?? becuase thats the optimum best strength that targets most of us need to make it like revelation 2 board from phoenix 2600 Elo u just get frustrated with it and its better to play your pc with houdini then...setting strong pcs or programs  to handicap level is just not the same and results in weird play. these plastic small board chess computers just a total waste of money ill never buy one...waiting for novag and saitek to smarten up and start making money.....make it big board and 2250 elo and 800 a buyer...

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    hi all i got a mephisto milano pro for sale in mint condition..on ebay one was sold for 325 dollars..its a rare machine with unique agrassive tactical style...very strong..2150 real ELo not manufacturer bs... let me know if  you are interested... thx Peter

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    I found that if have a DGT eboard you can also use a dedicated chess computers.  Checkout picochess. here is the link

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      I had a Fidelity Mini Sensory Chess Challenger in the early '80s. I gave it away when when I became good enough to get tired of waiting for it to move on its higher settings. My next one was a Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 12. I still have its innards and they still work. The sensory board itself died long ago.
      I really liked the Challenger 12. It was reasonably fast and strong and had what I think was a good opening book for that time. I once started to record every line in its opening book but gave up after a few thousand moves.

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    I never had a chess computer, kinda disdained the idea. Then I bought the Rev II for sparring and such ... but then the emulators intrigued me.

    So I started a collection. Old Mephistos, Excaliburs and such. We'll see where it gets me ...


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    dedicated chess computers but the size is too small for me but with the DGT e board and pico chess. I might invest in the pico chess system. I have a DGT eboard which I can play with FICS(babaschess), arena, lucaschess, and fritz. I think chess engines are more vestiale than the stand alone dedicated chess computers.

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    Here's PicoChess in action:


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