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DGT E-boards - worth the money?

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    I have mailed them and they seemed really nice. Asked them about piece recognition etc and they sent a detailed mail, why is it very important. Really looking forward to own one. And the price point is awesome and i wouldn't mind paying more!

    They say their pieces are weighted by default. That's awesome! 

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    Yeah, looks interesting, but looks like they don't do piece recognition.

    Had a novag citrine doesn't do piece recognition had very bad experience with it. Can't slide pieces, doesn't register movement well and so on. But the one in the link should be good for casual players!

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    Is this dgt board able to quickly set up chess puz

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    danwood86 wrote:

    Is this dgt board able to quickly set up chess puz

    oh god yeah, set the option for setup in rabbit queen and put all the pieces on the except for the kings, when you got the position you need without the kings then put the colour of the king of the side to move on the board last and it will show in fritz


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    Also The Bluetooth Version of the DGT E board works with android app" Acid Ape Chess".

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