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Ebony/Red Sandalwood/Rosewood?

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    If you had 1500 bucks to spend on a chess set & board, which wood would you get for the dark pieces? Red sandalwood(a.k.a blood rosewood) Ebony or Rosewood? Would you splurge on the pieces or board, or keep em even? Gonna need a box for them as well.

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    I'd get a very nice board made to my specs.

    I already have some quality pieces so unless I step up to a quite expensive set of antique Jaques men or the HOS mammoth ivory ones there's no need to go for more pieces.

    All the woods you mention are great but I prefer the classical ebony.

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    This board I could stand, even if it's not 100% practical.

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    I'd go with red sandalwood & antiqued boxwood for the pieces + a really nice board...not that it'll happen so I'll keep using my current set, not that any set could improve my game. Money mouth

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    Man, honestly, I'd spend about $150 U.S. on a really nice set, and have the other $1350 for books, Fritz 13, and save some. lol. Just me, though. I spent about $120 on my nice home set, and it is beautiful. Heavily weighted, and the knights are gorgeous. The dark pieces are awesome, and the more it's played, the better they look. (oils from hands, I suppose.) It's the traditional dark pieces color, not a reddish color.

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    A question I've been thinking about too for some time . . .

    For me it comes down to the colors of the dark pieces against the colors of the dark squares. Generally speaking I prefer a bud rose set on ebony squares and vice versa. I don't like the same colors for the dark pieces and the dark squares. With that being said, customchess.com can make you a custom board with any combination of the finest woods available. Pieces on the other hand aren't really available in the same "custom" manner. So my advice is to find a set of pieces that you really like. Once you decide on the pieces, you can custom make the board to match them perfectly. Full disclosure - I'm placing my first order w customchess.com today and I'm very excited about it!!!

    If you want to talk more feel free to email me anytime, tkramer@pix11.com

    I love talking chess boards and pieces!!!



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    it all depends on our color choice .....i purchased a set and board made of red sandal wood and it was very lovely set .........it's around $200 ...... light pieces are made up of box wood while red sandal wood is used on the darker side....

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    I'd get a high tech board made of glistening nanoparticles that move the pieces based on your thought waves...or the rosewood. Smile

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    Rosewood is affordable; nanoparticles ain't.

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    i'd get the blood rosewood capablanca set. luff it


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