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English, Reti Book Suggestions?

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to get a more coherent response to 1. c4 and 1.Nf3. I understand these are highly transpositional openings, but am often puzzled when the openings are played in a more "pure" English/Reti style.

    I usually play the French, Accelerated Dragon, King's Indian, and sometimes Nimzo-Indian and Tarrasch. I intend to expand my repertoire to include the Caro-Kann, Slav, and Grunfeld, possibly even the Pirc.

    Does anyone have any good book recommendations against 1. Nf3 and/or 1. c4?



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    There are two good books dealing with 1. c4 c5: The Symmetrical English, Carsten Hansen; and Symmetrical English, David Cummings. Zenon Franco explains the English in his book Chess Explained: The English Opening.

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    You are welcome. And since I am a big 1.c4 fan I hope you become one after reading these books. Laughing

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    Beating Unusual Chess Openings by Richard Palliser might interest you. Much of the book is about the English, and it covers several other non-1e4 or non-1d4 openings as well.


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    Yes, Boletus - I intend to purchase Marin's trilogy on the English in the Grandmaster Repertoire series. I currently play 1. d4 trying to play a Catalan but it doesn't quite gel with me at the moment. Still figuring out my White repertoire...

    Quasi - thanks! I will look into this as well. 

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    A good idea. I like volume 2 a lot. Its subtitle could be How to annoy your opponent if they want to transpose.

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    That is exactly what I like to hear! I hope to get a solid white repertoire soon, I believe I score better with black than with white... or at least about the same. Thank you for your help!


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