English, Reti Book Suggestions?


Hi all,

I'm looking to get a more coherent response to 1. c4 and 1.Nf3. I understand these are highly transpositional openings, but am often puzzled when the openings are played in a more "pure" English/Reti style.

I usually play the French, Accelerated Dragon, King's Indian, and sometimes Nimzo-Indian and Tarrasch. I intend to expand my repertoire to include the Caro-Kann, Slav, and Grunfeld, possibly even the Pirc.

Does anyone have any good book recommendations against 1. Nf3 and/or 1. c4?




There are two good books dealing with 1. c4 c5: The Symmetrical English, Carsten Hansen; and Symmetrical English, David Cummings. Zenon Franco explains the English in his book Chess Explained: The English Opening.




You are welcome. And since I am a big 1.c4 fan I hope you become one after reading these books. Laughing


Beating Unusual Chess Openings by Richard Palliser might interest you. Much of the book is about the English, and it covers several other non-1e4 or non-1d4 openings as well.



Yes, Boletus - I intend to purchase Marin's trilogy on the English in the Grandmaster Repertoire series. I currently play 1. d4 trying to play a Catalan but it doesn't quite gel with me at the moment. Still figuring out my White repertoire...

Quasi - thanks! I will look into this as well. 


A good idea. I like volume 2 a lot. Its subtitle could be How to annoy your opponent if they want to transpose.


That is exactly what I like to hear! I hope to get a solid white repertoire soon, I believe I score better with black than with white... or at least about the same. Thank you for your help!