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    iTS 3

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    kaynight wrote:

    I said that. Be original.

    more like you stole it from me from the future

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    Crangle drungels!

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    There's a joke involving this question that I like to tell a lot:


    There are five people selected as the best in their profession: an engineer, a physicist, a mathematician, a philosopher, and an accountant. They are asked, "What is 2+2?"


    The engineer types on a calculator briefly and then says, "It's about 3.99."

    The physicist runs a computer program and then says, "The answer lies somewhere between 3.98 and 4.01."

    The mathematician thinks for a while and then says, "I don't know the answer, but I can prove an answer exists."

    The philosopher thinks for a long time and then asks, "What do you mean by 2 + 2 ?"

    The accountant shuts all of the windows and doors, makes sure there is nobody else listening, and after a final cautious look around the room replies, "What do you want the answer to be?"


    Any of the answers provided in the joke would probably be good candidates for the answer to this question.

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    I'd like to know what kind of calculator the engineer was using.

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    So has anybody got it right yet

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    42. The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Either that, duct tape, bacon, or Jesus.

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    Very hard question!

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    1. 5

    2. whats the answer

    3. why is the accountant closing all the windows and doors???

    4. ive seen this forum twice randomly

    5. WHAT IS 1+1

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