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French Defence Books?

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    I guess Naka picked 2.f4 against Seirawan mainly to surprise him.

    It worked fine, actually, but black's opening play was quite questionable.

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    kavanam wrote:

    One strange thing: No book teaches you how to play against 2.f4 in the French

    It gets one very brief paragraph in McDonald's How to Play Against 1 e4.  Vitiugov's book has about a page on it which is the most I've seen in a French book.

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    Okay thanks for all your recommendations!! Due to my poor decision making skills I have decided to buy Vitiugovs, Moskalenkos (Flexible French), and Antics and Maksimovics books!

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    Happy reading! This will take you a while. Might I suggest that you start with the Flexible French? Moskalenko's book is very insightful, gives a lot of explanation and is fun to read as well.

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    Thanks! And I'll never get through all of them.. I think I'm going to compare their views on lines that I'm unsure about, and after that look at lines I find interesting!

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    Eingorn's "Rock solid repetoire for black" covers most of the French lines you were interested in, and also something against 1.d4 built around 1...e6. Doesn't cover Rubinstein, of recent books think only Vitugov's "French reloaded" does, which you know about already. Vitugov doesn't show anything amazing but it is hard to do so with an opening like the Rubinstein. 

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    lol thats true enough

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    I think the best book for players looking for an intro to the French is McDonald's 'How to Play Against 1e4.' I have read it and he explains the main ideas and provides a basic but very workable French repertoire. I have a few other books on the French but my plan is to stick with the lines in McDonald's book for 1 year. Then I will add more lines as needed.....kind of like growing into an opening........

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    Noreaster wrote:

    I think the best for players looking for an intro, is McDonald ideas.  My plan is to stick with McDonalds for 1 year. Then I will add more as needed.....kind of like growing.


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