Fritz 11 vs Fritz 12


Hi! Could someone tell me, is there significant differences between these two Fritz (11 and 12)? I could possibly get very very cheap that Frizt 11. So I thougt that does it make any sense to pay much more that I could get Fritz 12?


Actually the diference between Fritz 10 and Fritz 12 isin´t much even less so between 11 and 12.


So Fritz 10 is then better than Fritz 11? Or did I understand correctly?


Fritz12 has a newer interface than Fritz11. THere are a number of signifiant changes. As an owner of the Fritz11 interace, I'm envious of the new one. In retrospect, instead of getting the cheaper 11, I should have got the 12.........cuz I'll end up getting sooner than later anyways.


In my opinion there's a huge difference between 12 and the rest. Fritz 7 was really neat because of all the pro commentaries. But then came megadatabase and the commentaries disappeared. 10 and 11 are nice but touchups from the past fritzs. 12 continues on the same lines but has a whole new interface which enables you to get at all of its features very quickly.

Thats one reason you haven't heard anything about 13 as its been over a year since 12 came out.

Yet, with all of Fritz's improvements it has never been able to compete with Rybka but nobody would no if it weren't for the engine vs. engine matches.