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Fritz 13

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    It says 1.5 million games availeble for Fritz 13. Do anyone of you know if you can upgrade this database in Fritz 13 or do you have to buy Chessbase 12?

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    What do you mean "upgrade" ... "in Fritz 13"? Please be more specific so it will be easier to answer. 

    It is possible to ad new games to the 1.5 mill you get with Fritz, if that is what you want to know. Fritz can read the same databases as ChessBase 12, but the latter is more advanced when it comes to manipulating/searching the data. Fritz was primarily developed for playing.

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    Well what I mean is I like the way you can explore games and openings and compare them to each other with win % etc. at chess.com but I wish I could have more games to compare with and a analysis system of my own games at the same time. So if I buy fritz and i am stuck with the games allready there it might be a wast for me, since I already got that here.


    I understand that chessbase 12 is the ultimate tool to use with like fritz but can i use fritz as something in between since i think the price for chessbase 12 is not worth it for me at my lvl?

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    I still do not follow you. We started out with a question about "upgrading" a database.
    I answered that you can ad new games, as many as you like. You are not "stuck" with the games in any way. A warning: Relevance and quality is the key word not numbers!
    (You can delete games as well! And you also have access to online resources.)

    Now you are talking about exploring and comparing openings and games and analysing your own games. 

    Weather you will be satisfied with Fritz compared to chess.com regarding comparing openings and games
    only trial will tell. If you are satisfied with chess.com you probably do not need Fritz for that? 

    Fritz will help you in analysing your games.  

    Good luck!

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    You can purchase Fritz 13 without purchasing Chessbase 12.

    If you're looking for a large database of master games, this post of mine, from a few weeks ago, is one way to get a million of them or so, for free.  (With just a little bit of work.)


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