Going Long Against the Sicilian


As White, I often struggle against the Sicilian, especially when I castle long. Can anyone recommend a book that gets into the rationale for individual moves and lines? Also, the main strategy behind going with each major variation of the Sicilian and Whites counters would be great. The few books I have on the Sicilian basically list llines with few comments or thinkng/startegy behind them.



hello chess fan, i to have my struggles against the sicilian. but what i've done is to study the games of my favorite grandmaster for help also include the line i plan to play with verses the sicilian. but there are short cut to be used also. you don't have to follow main lines of the openings like the najdorf or other lines. use line that are to your advantage like the closed sicilian used by smyslov for years or lines like smith-morra. but even against the sicilian opening moves can be changed earlier 2. f4 or 2d3 the kings indian attack.... i'm far from a master so i do have to worry about how correct my move is in the opening it just has too be sound and not allow the lost of a piece or mate.....lol. but for fun try 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 followed by 3.Bb5 i've had alot of fun with this until i got comfortable in other line. good luck and have fun....   p.s. get an mco or bateford open book to help


Starting Out: The Sicilian by John Emms is the only book I know of that sounds like what you're looking for. One book can't cover all the variations and go into great depth explaining them because that would be such a massive project, but the Emms book does about as much as reasonably can be done in 300 pages.




Thanks for the feedback.