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Good beginner video playlist?

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    Beginner as in around 1000 rating. I know how to play, develop properly. I just feel like I missed something somewhere, and am having trouble getting better.


    Not looking for anything on this site, since I only have the free membership so it wont let me watch any of it anyway

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    I would suggest that if you haven't already, you should decide on which openings you want to play. As a beginner I don't think openings are too critical, and you shouldn't spend hours and hours necessarily studying them, but watching videos on the basic principals of the opening(s) should help you.

    I'd highly suggest you check out the chesswebsite's Youtube channel. They have lots of videos covering openings as well as videos on chess strategy and endgames.

    Hope this helps!


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    GM Secrets by Igor Smirnov.  It costs money though and is his entry level course.  You can't understand his other material without it.  Also, be sure you take the practical part seriously and follow the instructions. 

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    There are countless tremendously good videos on this site Goob63- it may be worth $14 for a month of diamond membership to get at them. They have helped me a lot!

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    I just don't have the money right now to put on chess. And I have my openings I've been playing. Enough so that I changed them because the style just wasn't working for me. Changed from e4 to d4/c4. And I have my defenses I play

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    Okay, if you don't have any money then Chesslab is a good place to download some games to practice your thinking process.  Just copy a list of games according to set parameters, such as 2300+ in a certain opening you're looking up (and some traps where the Englund Gambit or Grob player lost or whatever for good measure) and try predicting the moves of the player you're studying. 

    Copy and paste the PGNs in a Notepad and with OpeningName.pgn at the end, but change to save as all files so you don't name it OpeningName.pgn.txt. 

    Note imbalances, who you think is better and why, calculate candidate moves, and choose a move.  Type why you played the move. 

    I have Chessbase 12 so I don't need to do this anymore, but helped when I had less money. 

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    St. Louis Chess Club uploads a lot of excellent videos on Youtube. Many of which are from their beginner lectures and Sunday "kids" class which wouldn benifit beginners.

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    Spiritbro77 ur Right

    + IM chessexplained Videos on youtube will help you a lot

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    For a long time I have been pushing the videos of Mato Jelic on YouTube. They are free, usually between 5 and 12 minutes in length, and are EXCELLENT for beginning and intermediate players. He gives just enough analysis to be instructive, but not so much as to overwhelm.

    I am a diamond member on this site, but I seldom watch the videos because--at least for the ones by GMs--the analysis is SO INTRICATE that I simply cannot follow it for long.

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    For a beginner with a 1000 rating who's also into openings, may I suggest the "Chess on Toast" DVDs. IM Lorin D'Costa and Nick Murphy present in a fun and informative way.


    (You may need a multi-region DVD player, though I suspect they are region-free.) 

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    Smirnov's free stuff is what I'd suggest:



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