Good, cheap (or free) chess program/download recommendation?


What I am looking for is very basic: Just the ability to parse .pgn files and display game data -- that is, player names and dates. That's about it -- I don't want to play against a computer and I don't want a database or analysis engine (at this time), though I wouldn't turn my nose up if the price was cheap.

I have an old version of Fritz that will not parse .pgn files, and I have a version of Global Star software that one of the .pgn files errors it out (but it doesn't tell me the error).A decent .pgn utility may also be a good thing to have. I tried downloading Arena 3.0 but can't seem to get past the "verifying installation" step to give it a whirl. Neither of them provide even a link, button or command to display who played the games in question!

Your suggestions are appreciated.


i would just buy an electronic chess set, i have one and it is helping a lot, i would recommend the kingmaster 3 or the grandmaster 3. hope this helps


You might try the Tarrasch Chess GUI, ver 2.


WinBoard works for me.


How about ChessDB, Scid, and ChessX?


I like Tarrasch, it also came with a version of Rybka free when I downloaded it. as well as some book lines programmed into it. I tried arena, but it was slightly glitchy, I don't know if it was my computer or the software.


Tarrasch seems to be the one! Thanks, all!


Hi BraindeadBrainiac, I am glad you like Tarrasch. If you have any feedback, make sure you drop me a line as I am currently planning for the next stage of its development.

Bill Forster (author of Tarrasch Chess GUI)


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