Good Chess Book on Endgames?

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    buy a monthly membership for $4 at .  You would be able to practice all the chess engames you want.  The higher rated you get, the problems get more difficult.  I ran across the Lucena position today and I have work to do.

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    yoony123 wrote:

    what is the difference between technical and general endgames?

    A technical endgame is one you can find 'as is' solved in books (for example K+p vs. K, Lucena position, Philidor, etc.), while a general endgame is some endgame that happens OTB but you can't find the exact solution in a book (like N+4p vs. B+4p)

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    Silman's Endgame Course, It has saved my life in completely Lost Positions!!

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    Best book that helped me : Das 1 x 1 des Endspiels, original in German, don't know whether translated, see e.g. for at least 80 titles.

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    manfred according to silmans book, there are chapters for higher rated players. but i dont know if they are really that level or not, i stopped working somewhere in the middle for 1800 players.

    But it definetly has chapter for experts and 2200 players up to 2400.

    I havent looked at that part so i cant say if its really for such players .

    to be honest i find his strategy for 1700 player way tougher than endgames for 1800 players. But probably that has much more to do that i never really studied strategy but endgames and tactics.

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