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Good Chess Book on Endgames?

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    buy a monthly membership for $4 at chesstempo.com .  You would be able to practice all the chess engames you want.  The higher rated you get, the problems get more difficult.  I ran across the Lucena position today and I have work to do.

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    yoony123 wrote:

    what is the difference between technical and general endgames?

    A technical endgame is one you can find 'as is' solved in books (for example K+p vs. K, Lucena position, Philidor, etc.), while a general endgame is some endgame that happens OTB but you can't find the exact solution in a book (like N+4p vs. B+4p)

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    Silman's Endgame Course, It has saved my life in completely Lost Positions!!

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    Best book that helped me : Das 1 x 1 des Endspiels, original in German, don't know whether translated, see e.g. www.schaakboek.nl for at least 80 titles.

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    manfred according to silmans book, there are chapters for higher rated players. but i dont know if they are really that level or not, i stopped working somewhere in the middle for 1800 players.

    But it definetly has chapter for experts and 2200 players up to 2400.

    I havent looked at that part so i cant say if its really for such players .

    to be honest i find his strategy for 1700 player way tougher than endgames for 1800 players. But probably that has much more to do that i never really studied strategy but endgames and tactics.

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    Shereshevskybl book is great if u can find it in English I actually used it to teach you guys, but mine is in russian Averbakh endgames books are great and very thorough anf of course Dvoretsky endgame manualbin book format or even on DVD, there are shortcuts shortcuts in chess Yoony, dont be afraid of the book being hard...


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