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Good Red & White Plastic Set

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    Can anyone give me a tip on a good, triple-weighted red and white plastic set?


    I'm a 3.75" king size kind of guy. Helps me see the board a bit better.


    Thanks! :)

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    wholesale Chess has a set on sale for $23.  


  • #3

    I just finished printing my own on a 3D printer:

    It's the best ever.


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    I, on the other hand have had good experience with the chess store, and the have good plastic sets too. But the HOS Marshal is also a good plastic set, though I have the Black and Natural pieces, there is a red and white version as we'll. And as baddogno mentioned above wholesale has fairly a good plastic set with color options. But the WC set does not have real felt bases and has mixed reviews on the red color, some like it some hate it.

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    I guess I'm leaning toward the Pro Set that's $50; matte finish, triple weighted.

    I first thought about buying this set when it was about $30! Ouch.


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