Good tactics/strategy chess books


List of chess books.


Yasser Seirawan's "Winning Chess Tactics" and "Winning Chess Strategies".


I have been reading many of Jeremy Silmans books lately. He has an excellent writing style for chess instruction.


Understanding Chess Tactics.


Streetfighting Chess by him


  Maybe Simple Chess. Check the reviews at


Streetfighting Chess by Jeremy Silman.


My System of Streetfighting by Aron Nimzovich


Winning Chess Streetfights had good reviews as well.


"Winning Chess - How to See Three Moves Ahead


Paul Keres:  Not just Paul the Second! by Noreaster


Chess Tactics by Paul Littlewood is an excellent tactics primer which can be picked up cheaply second hand on Abebooks

Sharpen your chess tactics in 7 days by Gary Lane is also a good book covering tactics in the opening, middlegame and endings

Improve your chess tactics by Yakov Neishtadt is when you want to go further and is a highly regarded book.

gnuvince wrote:

Yasser Seirawan's "Winning Chess Tactics" and "Winning Chess Strategies".



Martin Weteshnik - Understanding Chess Tactics.


Hellsten Mastering Chess Strategy


Learn Chess Tactics by John Nunn

My System by Aron Nimzowitsch


I would be more interested in those two if you switched authors.


Thank you all for your kind suggestions!


Tactics book

Chess Tactics for Champion by Polgar

Winning Chess Tactics by Seirawan

Ultimate Chess Puzzle book by Emms

1001 Deadly Checkmates by Nunn


Strategy Book

Winning Chess Startegy by Seirawan

Chess Secrets: Giant of Strategy by McDonald

Chess Strategy For Club Players by Grooten



My System - Nimzowitsch

The Middlegame I & II - Euwe

Modern Chess Strategy - Pachman

Questions of modern chess theory - Lipnitsky

Chess Middlegame Planning - Romanowsky

The Art of Middlegame - Keres & Kotov

Judgement and Planning in chess - Euwe

Play like a Grandmaster - Kotov

Secrets of modern chess strategy - Watson

Secrets of Positional Chess - Marovic

Understanding Pawn Play in Chess - Marovic

Dynamic Pawn Play in Chess - Marovic

Pawn structure chess - Soltis

Improve your chess by learning from the champions - Lars Bo Hansen

Learn from the legends - Marin

Winning pawn structures - Baburin

How to choose a chess move - Soltis

Chess Strategy for club players - Grooten

How to Reassess your Chess 4ª Ed - Silman



Art of Attack in Chess - Vukovic

The Art of Sacrifice in chess - Rudolph Spielmann

Kombinationen - Kurt Richter

Combinations in the middlegame - Bondarevsky

Middlegame combinations - Romanovsky

Attacking Manual I & II - Aagard

Storming the Barricades - Larry Christiansen

Rocking the Ramparts - Larry Christiansen

Excelling at Combinational Play - Aagard

The Art of combinations - Blokh

Chess School 2- The Manual of Chess Combinations  - Ivashchenko

Chess School 3 - The Manual of Chess Combinations  - Mazja

Anthology of Chess Combinations - Informator

How to Calculate Chess Tactics - Beim

Dynamic chess strategy - Suba

The Inner game of chess - Soltis