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grunfeld books

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    Ernst Franz Grünfeld was a contributor to the book of the Teplitz-Schönau 1922 Tournament, wrote a book on the Queen's Gambit ( "Queen's Pawn Openings" ) in 1924 and a two-volume general openings manual in 1950 and 1953.     See www.schaakboek.nl

    I don't know the books, perhaps somebody else can add info ?

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    Understanding the Grunfeld by Jonathan Rowson.  Out of print.  I am not fond of the Grunfeld, but this is one of the best opening books ever.

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    Addition to previous post :

    I quote in original language : Das Kongress-Buch dieses Turniers ist eines der schönsten, das je erschienen ist.    Es enthält eine Menge interessanter Aufsätze über verschiedene Schachthemen.

    Seems to be a good book...

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    There is a forum here, called : " Best Chess Masters Biographies " and in post 2 you see a nice book by Grünfeld...

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    romy are you trolling, or do you just not realise he is looking for books written about the grunfeld opening, not books written by grunfeld?

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    Please explain, the word trolling is not in two English Dictionaries, so I am in doubt...

    Yes, he is looking for that opening, I know, therefor I mentioned Opening Books in post 2 and post 4, and even the book in post 6 is not written by Grünfeld ( the word "by" is not good ).

    Moreover there is no Grünfeld Opening, only a Grünfeld Defence, a Grünfeld Gambit and six Grünfeld Variations; see post 5, Ben is happy !

    Hi, let's not split hairs ( is that the right expression? ) , I do my best to help people !    Regards, Ger.

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    Further to post 6 : The book is called " Der Variantenkoffer, Band 1, 1911-1920 " printed by the  Wiener SchachVerlag, written by Michael ...(illegible).

    " Variantenkoffer " is : Trunk, Box, Handbag, Suitcase --- full of Variations ! When that is not about Openings, I eat my hat !

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    Have a look on the forum called : " Why is the Grünfeld Defence not more popular ? "


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