Has anybody tried Stockfish yet?



I was told that there is a new version of the Glauring chess engine called Stockfish and that it is very powerful.  Has anybody tried it yet and how good is it really? How does it compare to, say, Rybka3?


I have a stockfish1.5 running with scid. I also tested out engine vs engine on Arena with it vs Rybka 2.2 and it completely destroys it. It is much stronger than the free version of Rybka 2.2 and is the strongest free engine.


HOWEVER, there is some controversy over a new engine developed by some people here: http://ippolit.wikispaces.com/

Apparently the Rybka people are claiming this is a clone or reverse engineered software but it has so far defeated Rybka 3!

if you can compile the code you will have an engine stronger than Rybka 3. I am having problems compiling though - I dont know how to do it.

Do you know of this or have any information?


First - you link (http://ippolit.wikispaces.com/) does not point to a page with allegations.  Can you re-check the link please?

I would imagine that the folks who make Rybka are going to have a hard time proving their allegations unless they show *their* code Tongue out.  Furthermore, it should be extremely easy to check the code of Stockfish and compare it with Glaurung and see if one is a fork or an evolution of the other.

No, to have a corporation with its code hidden making allegations against an open-source competitor is rather ridiculous.  All the folks who made Stockfish need to do is tell the guys at Rybka "sue me" and wait.  "Show us the code!" is the best reply to such allegations.

Where did you get the information that Stockfish has defeated Rybka3?

Also - compiling the code should not make that big a difference.  Are you saying that only a specially compiled version of Stockfish can beat Rybka3?


I am sorry if I was not clear.

The controversy is NOT about stockfish. Stockfish is stronger than Rybka 2 (the free one), but perhaps NOT stronger than Rybka 3.


The link I gave is to someone or some team in Russia that has created a new open source engine .. now called

RobboLito 0.085b

If you go to Rybka forums they  do not mention it by name but this is going to end up embarassing for them if it is not reverse eng or stolen code.

Rybka forum programmer response:





The "hacker/thieves"  website:


I was saying that the site did not provide an exe file for RobboLito only the source code and I cannot get it to compile.

i.e I was asking you if you know anything about compiling the C code  and if you would like to compile it. If you do manage to you will have an engine that is 50elo points stronger than Rybka 3.

But according to the programmer for Rybka 3 they are thieves /hackers..  Hope this makes sense.


ok. I think I understand you better now (sorry, English is not my first language).  Still, until Rybka shows some code of theirs and match it up with some other code these allegations are unprovable.  As for compiling, all I know is how to do "configure && make && make install" on a Linux box - I never actually had to debug a compilation.

What is the Elo rating of Stockfish?


A friend just sent me this link:


I have never used Robbolito (or Rybka for that matter) and I have no personal opinion on this topic other than to say that it's going to be awful hard for the close-sourced Rybka make accusations against the open-sourced Robbolito.