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HoS Zukertort and Marshall review

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    Hi guys, thanks to Methos I became aware of the HoS Collector sets on eBay. Given the big discounts, and the fact that my gf wanted to buy me one for my birthday, I ended up buying a Marshall 4" ebony set, chessboard, box, and she got me the Zukertort 4" ebony set with boxwood.

    They arrived in perfect condition packed exactly like in his previous review, so I won't post pics of those.

    So, these sets are really big!

    First the Zukertort set in board view:

    The chess box:

    Zukertort pawns



    King in hand

    They only made 50 of these

    Now here are the Marshall pieces next to the Zukertort ones, the Marshall are lighter and larger

    I think both sets are spectacular. The Marshall one will live at my gf's house and the Zukertort will be my 'home' set. The Marshall pieces are obviously bigger, but the Q/K are about the same.

    Damn, I may have to get a fitted case for the other set now....

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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing

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    Mike - Great looking sets!  Thanks for posting the reviews.  I was hoping that some folks here who have jumped on the HOS ebay auctions would post.  I like the board you got as well.  Even the storage boxes are so nice.

    I've got my eye on a board and bag once they come back in stock.  Also following a couple more auctions.

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    they look great! [although the white knight looks a bit scary! something about that grin...] the house of staunton sets are aesthetically pleasing and they seem to age well, i have had one for months [won it in a tourney]. yours is rather nicer than mine. i like the pieces.

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    Nice...I like the Marshall set better because the Knight is pretty cool looking, a lot of Staunton Knights out there are fairly boring BUT the Zukertort set is also nice

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    Thanks guys. Overall, I quite like the Marshall knights probably better. The set is almost too big though, but not quite!

    I did get a fitted briefcase to carry the sets around in as well. :)

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    Their fitted cases (boxes) are really nice too and always some great deals to be had on ebay with them.  Last night's round finished for this week with no new posts for sets, but maybe that because it's a holiday weekend.  There were some higher prices last night.  The Morphy sets went well over $200 where they had been going down around $150.  A Collector ebony when for $213 - a great price for that set as they usually go higher.

    It would be cool if HOS commissioned some sort of hard sided tournament case that would hold a nice wood HOS set and roll up board and clock.  Not that many people would take their HOS sets to tournaments, but I'd take mine to the local club for casual play (non-blitz/bullet though!).  I'm STILL waiting for the HOS deluxe tournament bags to get back in stock.  And a couple of their folding boards as well.

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    Yes, I'd really like a folding board of theirs.


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