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House of Chess

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    I have one of their earlier sets in Boxwood/Rosewood. It is VERY well made triple weighted and the Bishops, Rooks and Pawns remind me of Chavet pieces but much heavier, The heads of the Kings and Queens are HUGE happy.png. And the grain is beautiful on the rosewood pieces. Cheers -Ronbo nullnullnullnullnullnull

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    loubalch wrote:

    4" Monarch in bud rosewood ($150 with a box + free shipping) and a 4" in sheesham ($75 + $13 shipping).


    Beautiful set, thanks for sharing this.   Have been looking around for awhile to see what red woods are available in a nice full size Staunton but don't remember my searches ever bringing up House of Chess.  If the pieces are the dark red they appear to be in the photos they would be perfect.   

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    Boy ! I would have liked to have found this thread sooner, i have 5 sets from The House Of Chess,got them when they were still packaged as House of Jaques. The 4 inch Monarch is the  newest one no cracks in any of the sets so far. the 5 inch they don't make right now is weighted like the HOSS Collector 4.4 inch set. The other 3 are average in terms of looks weight etc. Not bad for sets sold at retail stores mainly here in the U.S. Now one can order from their web site. They are cheaper than most.



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    I have the Monarch set, 4" King I think.   Very nice chessmen. My only dislike is that the pawns are a tad too tall for my taste. They are generally an excellent value. That said, I would suggest regularly checking the clearance section of House of Staunton. I've gotten some amazing deals that way. 

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    I have 5 sets from the house of chess that I brought over the past 6 years. But the best one is their 4.4 inch Monarch. It is a slight improvement over the 4 inch they sold under the House of Jaques name.

    The difference is in the knights and rooks are the right size and the knights have pointy ears. they are sold at my local hobby store as tournament ready 4.4 inch set. Well mead but for now only sold retail.

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    that Drueke set? posted on #41 has good color contrast,  nicely defined board and pieces......... don't see them often now? 

    (the board especially) 


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