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House of Staunton

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    For lower budgets, I highly recommend ChessBazaar from India, they ship free globaly: http://www.chessbazaar.com.

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    Here's another newly listed Drueke set on Ebay:  It's a tiny (12" X 12") chess board that I didn't even know they had ever made:



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    Please clear self-promotional, business-related activity with kohai. Mod.

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    The House of Staunton chess men are made in India by Amritsar Ivory Works...This company has the best carvers in the world. The HOS chess men styles are very nice, you can get sets made by AIW that have similar quality without a heavy mark up though.

    I like chess men 4" and up, my 4.4" HOS set is my favorite set by far. Try to choose one that has the style you like in the right wood. I'd get ebonized boxwood, in that price range from HOS. You could get real ebony wood for the same price from other sellers...They may not have the same quality level though.

    HOS boxes are also very nice and you could get men and a laser etched box for around that much money.


    I'd get The Classic Series Chess Set - 4.4" King with Premium Chess Box


    Good luck,




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