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IM Silman: The Amateur's Mind

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    These views are my own and in no way attributed to IM Jeremy Silman.

    Been working through this masterpiece for the last month and I can truly say it has transformed the way I think at the board.  Last weekend, I had my best ever OTB tournament result taking second place out of thirty-nine players and I attribute this solely to my study of this book.

    If you are graded anywhere from 1000 to 2000, give it a go.  Unless you live in my country and play tournaments, in which case, it's not for you.  :)

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    That was a great book.

    Silman has a knack for taking complex ideas, and explaining them in everday english.

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    yes i agree with both

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    ive read the book twice. and i am looking at the chess board and understanding the game more all the time.

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    yeah . you can't go wrong with IM Sliman books


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