Is Rapid Chess Improvement by Micheal De La Maza a good book?


Using the methods he described he reached over 2000 Elo. He admits it was a lot of hard work. He also covers a basic thinking system and how to study openings. After his last tournament he started that he proved his methods worked to reach his current level but to improve more he would need to study a lot more and he did not want to devote the time to do it.


It is a good book in my opinion


Sorry, on this one, I have to agree just about 100% with @llama47.


Somewhere I have the two links to the original two-part article that was the basis for the book. I think you could read the article and get just as much out of it as the book.


The article was called 400 points in 400 days...or something like that.


As someone mentioned above, the book reveals interesting points about board vision, the number one reason people lose at lower levels. Also, I like the exercises with the knight, though some are standard.