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Is this a good deal !!!!?

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    I just bought this off ebay. I dont really know the price of chess books. Was this a good deal do you think?

    Heres the link 


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    been looking at the books yes you got some good ones.spassky and fischer books your learn from. plus think like a master is also good.spend time studying and you will get better good luck.

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    great deal imo.

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    as long as you know how to read traditional notation (i.e. P-K4 instead of e4) then it's a good deal.  Otherwise, no.  My dad has a ton of books written with the the traditional notation that I just can't read.

    Yes i find it easier to read the old style notation. I used to hate it, but after playing through loads of games with it ive began to like it alot more than the new style.

    I guess i got a good deal then LaughingMoney mouth


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