Jaques Reproduction Circa 1850-55

madmacsback wrote:
@tjkoko, the “smallish” queen is correct for an accurate reproduction of the early Jaques sets. I can go take a pic of my original Jaques 1853 king and queen if you like.

yes would be nice to see a original Jaques from 1853 ? not a repro

RichardHG wrote:

@MCH818 I had it on a 2.5” board but just tried the JK 2.25” and think it looks good, though the king base is a bit large. I will send you photos. 

Thanks. I think a 2.375 board would be better but it looks fine on a 2.25 if you like it a bit tighter. I like more room.


 Beautiful set.  Thanks for sharing the photos and the detailed review.


Although different in many ways from an original 1853, it is made better than CM or RCM copies.