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John Shaw's the Kings Gambit...........

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    How do you feel about the fact that I am a bit skeptical that you've signed up yesterday to this great chess site. Didn't play any games, didn't make any other posts, but are opening a topic to advertise a book?

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    Oh my, you seem so bright.
    Since alec is unrated, how do we know how to value what he is contributing? Please enlighten me, mister brightlight.

    (ps, I am sure alec is a grownup who can handle my skepticism. Like you know, grownups do...)

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    JohnClairlively wrote:


    4) You are a fucking moron.  Shut up.

    wow the f-bomb. didn't think that would fly here.

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    Btw, I've seen other posts from alec now and my sketicism is gone. Thanks for the reviews Alec.

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        Wibert 78; Have you seen any of Alec's post dated before today??  I ask because basmanny's account was closed yesterday for a few choice postings!

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    Ronald, I am sorry I'm not going to get involved in staff-issues. But I believe Alec has had other accounts and I've seen his other posts since this one. Seems like a nice contributing fellow. I am just always thinking about spam whenever I see someone recommend a buyable thing in a first post.


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