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Kasparian's book on drawn positions

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    I once had Kasparian's book "Drawn".  Of course he was Russian and so you have to do without the familiar language in English countries of origin.  I found the book fascinating and was wondering why I never saw anything about him in Chess Life and Review?

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    He was mostly a Composer , one of the best ever appeared.He was the first ever composer that received the title of Grandmaster of Chess Composition.He is very well known in East Europe but unfortunately very few know him in the Western world.

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    Does anyone know if his book on drawn positions is still available?  I either gave or sold my copy of the book many years ago. 

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    There's a book entitled "Positional Draw" by Kasparian, not sure whether it is the equivalent of "Drawn!"...

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    Thanks.  Anyone in the US sell the book?

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    Checking ebay.com periodically is probably the best bet. As of today, there are five Kasparian books auctioned, but not the ones you want.


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