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Kindle Book Authors - Pulleeze!

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    Kindle chess books would be sooo much more useful if they included more diagrams, say, every two moves. It shouldn't be hard to insert more diagrams in such a product although the author or someone involved with the hard copy book would probably have to provide a file with the diagrams -- buts that's not much trouble with software presumably used to write the book in the first place.

    Meanwhile, AFAIK there's nothing like an e+chess book on the iPhone.

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    For iphone and ipad check out

    Chess Viewer by Everyman Chess


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    My System by Nimzowitsch came out today on SmartChess $10

    I have not bought it yet so I can't say how it looks

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    Dr Nyet,

    In my limited experience working on Chess ebooks for Kindle, I can say that there are couple of problems in including more diagrams:

    1. The file size bloats up. This can mean more time for download and other issues

    2. Amazon charges the Author a certain "delivery fee" to deliver the ebook to the user's kindle. The bigger the book, the higher the fee (can be)

    The book (hardcopy) I have personally liked is the the Spassky vs Fischer book which has diagrams after EVERY SINGLE MOVE!

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    I have a couple of chess books on my Kindle (the original, not the Fire) and I find the diagrams just a bit too small for my taste.  I off-load them into my PC and use Kindle for PC to open them up and use them concurrently with my UCI.  The Kindle is great for text, and the resolution is good, but I don't care for using it for chess diagram study.

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    Yeah, it depends on the commission that the author gets.  If they take the 30% commission, then the book does not have any file size limits.

    If they take the 70% commission, then there is a delivery fee.  The larger the book, the larger the fee.

    They also place restrictions on the price the author can charge.  If they want to charge 99 cents for example, the book has to be less than 3MB in size.

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    <Bronco70> Thanks for the suggestion of SmartChess. I do like Everyman's Chess Viewer (as well as e+Chess).


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