looking for a monroi or plycounter

Is there a video showing the program working?

You bet!


https://chessnoter.com/1-1-0/ you can start at the bottom and work you way up from each update and feature set we have created in the 1.x.x version set.


I am looking to purchase a Monroi or a Plycounter.  If you have one for sale or know where I can purchase one, please let me know.  Thanks.




Monroi and Plycounter no longer make devices. If you are looking for a solid solution check out ChessNoteR which is USCF certified.



The Chessnoter is much nicer than the monroi. I just got one to replace my old monroi.
Joey does a really good job. I was extremely pleased both with his service, and the quality of his software.

Thanks James for the feedback! Just taking care of the chess community happy.png


Having been something like the second guy to get one of Joey's device setups, I can attest and agree with what James has said.

Joey has made a number of updates to the software making this thing very easy to use.  And the display is a lot better than any of the other models.  I know, because I have owned the eNotate and PlyCounter and used the MonRoi a number of times.


Used Plycounter on eBay.