Looking for wooden chess piece storage box


If you live near a "Home Goods" store,they often have some really nice wooden boxes for under $30.00

It is a hit and miss,sometimes,but once in a while you can get lucky. Btw,I have the Blake and Lake box and it is really nice....Lots of decent choices for those who like to surf for this kind of stuff.


@DrChesspain I think you did a pretty good job at adding the felt. The self-adhesive felt is pretty cool too. I didn't think about that. My Blake and Lake box is meant to be used to keep envelopes or something like that so it just plain wood on the inside. I always thought about adding felt but I am somewhat craft-challenged. I think I wouldn't do it correctly. Do you have any pointers for someone like me now that you have actually done it at least twice?


I used the thin foam sheets that C.B. puts in their packaging.Protects quite well and easy to apply.


@Magictwanger Good idea but I have never ordered from CB. Do you just cut and glue? I personally prefer felt so I can stand up my pieces. Foam might be too "bouncy" for the pieces to stay put. For felt, my concerns are cutting the felt straight so it properly fits the box without showing the wood behind. I saw a video of this guy made a beautiful chess box. You can see it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZfa-_oqsfo. He made the felt part look so easy. He just cut cardboard and then glued the felt onto it. And then glued the finished felt to the box. It looks super easy. That is until someone like me tries. I don't want to ruin a nice box like my Blake and Lake box trying to do this, but I do always think about giving it a try.


Ever wonder why some chess players are heavy cigar smokers?


It's strange that you can't get any simple beechwood chess set boxes in the US though. The ones I bought I decked out with self-adhesive felt paper, too. 


Explains the smells on some of the used chess books I’ve purchased over the years.


It kinda' surprises me that a pretty much basic chess wooden box is relatively costly from so many suppliers.One reason why I hit Home Goods just to check out the inventory occasionally.

Regarding the application of the C.B. foam sheeting "MCH".....I am way too lazy to cut and paste......Ha!

I just cut to size and schtoop it in place....It stays where I place it and works just fine for me.


@Magictwanger I am lazy too. It seems too much work to do for the Blake and Lake box. The pieces never fall over so there is no concern over dings. But I do always wonder... One of these days I will stop by Michael's or something and get some stuff to see if I can do it. 


Michaels sells el-cheapo wooden boxes too. They're not bad, but need a bit of sanding and some paint.Figure about 15 bucks for the box and about 3 bucks for the paint,if bought there.

I don't have one,but I have seen some good candidates....I've had great luck at Home Goods stores.Got some gorgeous boxes before the lockdown craziness.

I'm not a fan of the plastic boxes though some folks like those...That's just me.


@Magictwanger I've seen some good ones too but I really like the cigar boxes like the ones posted by @Drchesspain. I believe there was one poster who had lots of cigar boxes for all of his sets. Anyhow, one day I may give it a whirl.  

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Hi, There's a one from HOS. Hope it will help.

Link: https://bit.ly/3kgjuOf



What a beautiful box! I will check it out. Appreciated your help!


Great Oliver,

Let us know which box you purchased!