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    I am in the market for a new smart phone. Outside of chess, I plan on using it primarily for internet and a few apps which would likely be common to both iPhones and Droids. My question for you is, which phone has the better Chess.com app and which phone has the better future for such purposes? I am mainly interested in Live Chess, but interested in Turn Based as well. It looks like the Droid app supports Live chess, does the iPhone as well?

    Are there other apps which would serve my purpose better than Chess.com's product? I could get the ICC app for their live ches. Are there other products for smart phones that are superior?

    Thanks for any help!

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    iphone apps are generally far superior, which is also true for our app. 

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    Erik is right. The apple app store has a bunch of chess apps. Live chess and online chess is great on chess.com app on iphone.

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    Thanks! This makes my decision very easy.

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    iPhone all the way.  And that's coming from a guy who until he bought an iPhone, hated ALL things Apple!


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