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MTM Wood boards ...

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    Does anyone own one of these? I find the video captivating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knpes6fKhpQ

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    It is a good video.

    Not long after seeing it, I asked a wood worker at our local farmers' market and craft fair if he could make a chess board with our local woods. He made a face and said, "Oh, that would take me at least a month!" I thought to myself, "What? Don't you watch youtube? It's so much easier than you think, if you have the tools." 

    Maybe he doesn't have the tools. Or youtube.

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    that was an interesting clip,

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    My guess is the approximate $600 he gets for his boards would cost a local maker Time & Material with a modest profit in the area of $2200  Just my assessment.  His work is amazing, so amazing it is fun just to watch the video. 

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    And I was just looking for a a borderless board without all that neat trim.

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    Watching him make the box to pack the board is equally fascinating.

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    I doubt even with the tools that many wood workers can duplicate what he does. 

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    Do you feel just glue and clamps is adequate?  I would prefer dowels or router to hold the squares together!

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    Never seen a dovetail or dowels for that matter to put together  a chess board but then I am not a wood worker just a chess collector. 

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    PolarChess wrote:

    Do you feel just glue and clamps is adequate?  I would prefer dowels or router to hold the squares together!

    The glues are plenty strong. They seem to work just fine for cutting boards. Never had one split.

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    Great video. Great boards. But shipping from Russia might be over the top.
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    Sheesh! I'm really sorry I read this thread/posting.......I went to the MTM site and "really" want one of his boards...BAD!! Thought I was pretty much done splurging on chess.

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    I bought mine 3 yrs. ago from MTM wood, well made but weighs in @ 15 lbs. No problems whatsoever. 


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    Good looking board. The pieces seem to fit well. How tall is the king and what is the square size? What are the woods? Can you tell us your decision making process to import from Russia instead of sourcing locally?
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    @SmokeJS....look up MTM Woods on YouTube and their website.  They have beautiful boards. 

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    @ SmokeJS: The set on the board is from the HOS Grandmaster series 4.0" King in Rosewood and boxwood. Once I saw Andrei's video of his work on chessboards in his MTM woodworks videos is all it took to begin inquiring about a purchase. I wasn't looking at too many craftsmen stateside, although a few were very impressive but their pricing went way beyond what I paid for this board. The playing squares are 2.36" or rounded off  to 60mm. Good size for many of my sets.

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    Italy has been making similar chessboards with more accuracy and higher quality wood for only $200-$300. It is called platform chessboard.

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    QtoQ thanks for the update. The pieces are somewhat similar to my HOS 4” Zukertort and 4” sandalwood Collector sets. I use both on a 60mm vinyl board though the Zukertort set can go down a size as the pieces are very slim. Your thinking about the board makes good sense as buying the best when not able to see the product first is probably the safest thing to do. Two questions. What woods is your board made from? Did you order it custom or was it already available?
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    @SmokeJS: The woods used were Walnut and Maple. Another board he made for me was with said woods as well an I asked him for an ebony wood delimiter around the playing surface (better shown in the photo revealing the underside cutout portion of the board) and yes both boards were ordered to the playing square size of 2.36" everything else that had followed was just implemented by Andrei's original design. It wasn't ready to ship off the rack. He does a few boards like this but not a whole lot at any given time, perhaps 3 at a time of the same design. It would seem he doesn't want to get stuck with so many boards not selling but just enough to see if they peak any interest to his customers. Better that way and cost effective I'm guessing. The boards were a bit heavy so he developed a weight reducing design construction on some platform boards. With that great CNC machine he now uses, he cuts out a 10" squared portion from the bottom base to alleviate some weight off the board. I'd estimate about 2-3 lbs came off in that one chunk removal which made a difference in the total weight of the piece. These photos show that board he made for me with that design refinement.nullnull

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    Stunning. The ebony delimiter really works. Would it be correct to assume the base/frame is walnut so the main purpose of the delimiter is to ensure the walnut squares don’t appear to merge or bleed in with the base/frame?

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