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MY Butterfly Wing chess board and another one . . . (memoir)

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    The boards are very nice! Thanks for the pics!!!!!!

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    my father is from curitiba, Brazil — and we would play together on this beautiful butterfly wing chess board he brought to canada in the 1960's. a couple years ago, as i was writing a chess app for OSX (pChess — available here on chess.com) — i had the idea of photographing his chess board, and using it as the background for an iPad app — the chess meister — with parallax to simulate the optical qualities of the butterfly wings — is now available for the iPad — check it out: 

    Chess Meister for iPad: 


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    I hope all those butterflies get disability. :)

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    The butterfly board is gorgeous and pleases both butterfly collectors and chess players but, why are the posts 5 years old?

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    @ EinMal

    Five years old because that is when I posted it on the forum.

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    @ johnrpenner = i had the idea background

    The background looks great. Good job.

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    DENVERHIGH wrote:

    @ EinMal

    Five years old because that is when I posted it on the forum.



    Well it's great to see them! and even better I thought someone was doing a tribute to you and you were no longer with us!

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    Denver, really great and glad you're still here!

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     There was a heated post about this chess board originaly.

    Here is the link:


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    Sadly, mine has degraded a bit. Probably due to the rapid changes in humidity and temperature we see out here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. The wings have started lacking their brilliant shine. Undecided

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    I still have vibrant colors on mine it might be because I put a second glass on it and a frame.

    But I don't use it to play on . . . .


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    . . @ 2Q1C

    You should know that the butterflies are on the endangered species and the boards cannot be made in Brazil or anywhere . . .



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