My original Dubrovnik chess set


Me too Eye, me too. In a heartbeat. But then I think there's a reason you don't see these on eBay and the like often. I don't think there's still that many around.


Still searching for Bobby Dubrovnik?


First you can sense that the man in that video loves that Dubrovnik 1992 set.

He loves it so much that he let the NOJ craftsmen use, photo and measure the actual pieces.

No funny business with that man, for real. I have nothing but respect for him.


Then the OP did a very good job with his set, his presentation, his photos, everything was perfect.


The problem however man is that there is no real point of reference.

You see photos of Bobby with his Dubrovnik 1970 everywhere on the internet.

A set that I am calling Zagreb on this forum topic because I am tired of all the smoke and mirrors.


The guy that has a Dubrovnik 1950 and a Dubrovnik 1970 (from Zagreb) in the first video has never shown close up photos or published complete dimensions of those sets.


All we know is that the King scale is 95mm and the OP has a set with 96mm with the slight difference probably being due to the type of finial.


If the heights and diameters of all the pieces of those 2 sets were compared then they should be virtually identical providing that they were made in the same workshop in Zagreb.


But this is the problem, they are in it for the coin man.

Everywhere on this planet they milk the Fischer name but not a single one of them has made an accurate replica of the set that Bobby used.

drop64 wrote:

heights and diameters of all the pieces


Here is a photo of GM Stojan Puc's kings from his original 1950 Dubrovnik set, given to him for participating in 1950 Olympiad. There's a two milimeter difference in height (IN THE SAME SET!). The masters from old used no sophisticated equipment, their chessmen varied wildly in details.

Heights and diameters prove nothing, kid.

Now go to your room!

-Izmet Fekali



You are still not publishing the actual dimensions man.

What about the dimensions of the Dubrovnik 1970 (Zagreb) set in your possession man?


I wonder if the OP is going to publish the full set of dimensions on this forum topic?


I wonder if the OP will contact NOJ and make a nice deal, 2 types of sets, ball finial + cross finial.


But doubt will still remain man, because both sets have not yet been compared with each other.




I noticed that you just edited your post man.



drop64 hat geschrieben:

I noticed that you just edited your post man.

If the heights and diameters of all the pieces of those 2 sets were compared then they should be virtually identical providing ...

Obviously, you're having severe personal issues. Since you're in Scotland, you might want to search for a specialist in your area:


Publishing the dimensions of your sets will not diminish their value, if anything they will increase in value.


If the Dubrovnik 1970 (Zagreb) and the Dubrovnik 1975 (Zagreb) are compared and found to be very similar then we will know: same design, same craftsmen, same workshop and same equipment.


As it stands you have this unusual set that pops out of the blue with a cross finial and injected lead weighting.


These sets are so rare man and this set has a number of quirky things about it yet none of you want to compare it with anything.


Its all moot. To trace its origin is one persons guess at best without concrete evidence it is an original.


Oh, my God.
One wants millimeter precision, the other asks for proofs of origin ...
Well, this is not Rembrandt, this is just a chess set. Old, beautiful, in its time probably expensive but just a chess set.
I will answer a few more questions, but soon I will stop dealing with this topic.


Sorry I was wrong. I thought that the king is 96 mm tall, but this value is with a felt. Only wood without felt is really 95 mm.

Today, I brought pieceses out onto the sun and made a picture on white paper. In this picture you can better see how white pieces are actually yellow:


Very nice man, always loved that colour, thank you.